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Movable sound-proof partition walls


ANAUNIA's movable sound-proof partition walls enable variable configurations of space partitioning for the most logical and effective use of available space. A high level of practicality is evident when moving and locking the panels into place, due to their high-quality components.
They make use of vertical inter-locking design features and are designed to achieve perfect visual and geometric continuity and total sound-proofing. Telescopic elements are placed at the top and bottom of the panels in order to seal the gaps between the panel and the floor/ceiling. Doors are built into the panels and do not exceed the width of the panel.
They are available in different styles, in single or double leaf. Locking the panels into position, and unlocking them is quick and easy thanks to the mechanical system and handle. The panels are moved easily along the solid single and double ceiling rails, rendering a floor rail unnecessary. Stacking away the panels is extremely easy, and is usually done out of sight.
Colours and finishes are an important final part of the design. ANAUNIA offers both standard solutions and an unlimited range of tailor-made solutions, using finishes in wood, laminates, furniture upholstery, mirror, synthetic materials and so on, in the colours and patterns requested..

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